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Tarrawarra Makers Market

Makers Market Prep.jpg

In a new body of work I have deconstructed my collection of rejected prints, tearing them into fragments before reassembling them. With titles such as Scraps, Snippets, Strips, Odds and Ends they reference the creative recycling of fabric and wool offcuts by my mother and by generations of women before her. The prints represent a personal quest to revise and renew fragments of the past. They will available at Tarrawarra Museum of Art Makers Market on Saturday 17th March, 2018 from 12pm to 5pm.

Two new commissions

Tragic Drowning revisited 2017 edited-1.jpg

This piece called 'Tragic Drowning revisited' was created for my good friend Dr Matt Finch who admired a similar print which is hanging in my guest room. It is based on my memories of swimming in Lake Mulwala, where I grew up. Lake Mulwala is a reservoir constructed on Murray River on Northern Victoria, when it was dammed by a weir constructed in 1939.  The water of the lake and river is quite silty, so it is rare to see through it clearly. I have always hated the sense of strange things lurking unseen below the visible water line. When swimming in Lake Mulwala one would encounter water weeds, fishing lines, slime, leeches and mysterious unknown objects. …

Some inspiration & there is hope for me yet...

Adding these inspirational older women artists to Louise Bourgeois and Rosalie Gascoigne on my list.

A little feature. Ooh la la.

The artist statement

AfterImage16 Wendy Catling 2017.jpg

2017 Artist Statement - Wendy Catling

The cyanotype series 'Afterimage' was produced during the summer of 2016-17. I have an interest in the confluence between visual perception, memory and imagination. The visions seen inside closed eyelids, and afterimage visualisations are aspects of perception that trouble my sleep and that inform my cyanotype images. My work stems from memories of growing up during the 1960s in a hot Australian wheatbelt country town and the anxieties of navigating a dysfunctional family life.  They are visions of safe places, both psychological and physical, to escape uncertainty and danger.

It was a dark and stormy night...

This is my first opportunity for a long time to blog about creative pursuits. Actually a lie. This is the first time I have made myself blog despite many blogging opportunities. Haha, no post truths here. The reason for my blog posting after so long a gap, is that it is effective procrastination for an even harder writing task.

For Hard Light (BIF 2015) I titled all of my pieces using common (cliched) pairings of words; Safe Haven, Tragic Drowning, Approaching Storm and so on. Cliches fascinate and repel me. Words matter to me. They even make me anxious. Writing does not come easily. I ruminate and edit multiple times. …

Latest work - two commissions

Kerry print set up.jpg

Kerry print.jpg

The exposure setup and a trial print for a friend's 50th birthday present to her sister.

Still Life.jpg

A Mother’s Day present

Easter update

I have spent the first week of my hols catching up on marking student journals and papers. That’s how great teacher holidays get - you can do schoolwork in your pyjamas. More interestingly though I have been investigating screen exposure units for an update of our screen printing facilities at my workplace. And it has been handy research for a UV exposure unit of my own so that I can make cyanotypes all year round. They are not cheap. So I have arrived at a possible deal with the supplier to make me a board with lighting frames, power and timer attached. The box surround can be build by someone else - hello lovely husband. …

The start of things

CoachHouse Ale.JPG

You might wonder why I have titled this article The Start of Things. The reason is simply that despite all my past experiences in various branches of the arts, 2015 was a momentous year for my personal artistic practice. I took long service leave from my teaching job during Term 1 and worked in my little home laundry/darkroom making Cyanotypes from December 2014 to March. I began making Cyanotypes approximately 5 years ago after attending a workshop on the process at Gold Street Studios in the tiny country town of Trentham East at the home and studio of Ellie and Alan Young. I have been teaching art for 15 years and photography for 12 years but this workshop really ignited my passion for alternative processes and in particular the ‘blue print’. …

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